Dating in new soho york

27-Sep-2020 02:48

Most stay here to see and be seen – and there is plenty to look at.

Situated in the Meatpacking district, Soho House New York is two blocks from the High Line Park, Chelsea Market and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

New York’s next corporate-sponsored, branded cafe arrives this fall — and this time it comes from mobile dating app Bumble, with food from the team behind hip destinations such as Charlie Bird.

Bumble, the female-friendly app known for allowing only women to make the first contact with matched users, is opening an all-day cafe and wine bar in Soho later this year, to be named Bumble Brew, Bloomberg reports.

The hotel’s nondescript entrance does nothing to disclose the warren-like interiors of Soho House.

Covering seven-floors, it manages to conceal 44 bedrooms, two bars, one restaurant, a spa, two drawing rooms and a self-serve charcuterie-cum-sweetie buffet.

This focus on community also meshes with the startup’s plans to eventually expand on Bumble BIZZ, which is Bumble’s attempt to help users with professional and social networking, and retain users who may not necessarily be looking to date.In fact, with Soho’s rents and those menu price points, the Austin-based company apparently doesn’t expect to make a profit off of the restaurant.Instead, it may replicate the Brew elsewhere, part of the “experiences” that they think their users want. Eater has reached out to the Delicious team and the Bumble team for more info. Charlie Bird chef-owner Ryan Hardy plans to include dishes like the well-liked farro salad with cheese and roasted veggies from Charlie Bird, as well as a plate of prosciutto and an Italian sandwich.

“No spaghetti — nothing that would be awkward on a first date,” Bumble’s chief of staff Caroline Ellis Roche tells Bloomberg. Meanwhile, respected sommelier Grant Reynolds is charged with the wine list, which will have 15 options by the glass starting at . Coffee will come from the group’s coffee shop Easy Victor Cafe, located within Legacy Records near Hudson Yards.The space will also have a coffee (and real) bar, as well as Bumble merchandise for sale (where all proceeds go to charity).