Dating hiv hiv

12-Jun-2020 12:20

Just like my millennial peers, I mostly meet people online through dating apps.One common feature of the apps I use is the option to display your HIV status or the last time you had an STI test.I have been living with HIV for almost three years and I have been involved in the HIV response since I was diagnosed.I was never into the dating scene that much, but I always enjoyed meeting new people.I didn’t think much before I did that because I was quite open about my HIV status anyway. Those who displayed their positive status were rare and they were usually empty profiles.So I guess putting my status on my profile was brave in this context.At first, I was nervous to do it, but I was in a different environment far from home.I thought that I didn’t have anything to lose, so I updated my profile. Yes, now and then, someone would write to me without reading my profile, and when I mentioned my status in the chat, they would stop talking or react with hostility.

My name is Oguzhan Nuh (Oz) and I am a 25-year-old university student from Turkey.But it didn’t bother me that much simply because advocating was a part of my daily life and I would try to explain to them what undetectable means.Some also said how brave I was to put my status out there so openly.After this, some people I was talking to stopped responding.

Some people messaged me, thinking I had made a mistake, trying to be helpful and asking me to correct my status. It started getting too much and all my conversations ended up discussing HIV, which I was doing enough of in my daily life, and so I removed it.

Almost 220 million people globally use online dating services.