Dating friend relationship

31-May-2020 01:42

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2) Be Supportive – Remember your friend may not recognize the abuse or even want to leave or stop. When talking to your friend or if your friend approaches you with concerns, be supportive.Don’t judge them, keep an open mind and help them get the resources they need like creating a safety plan.

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Dating a friend is great if things work out but if not you risk losing the relationship that you had prior to dating.

3) Keep Your Communication Door Open – Your friend needs you to listen and be supportive.

What you see or hear may make you frustrated and upset. If you give your friend an ultimatum like “if you don’t leave, I won’t talk to you again” that closes the door of communication.

You need to determine if your feelings are real and if it’s not just some type of fascination that may go away in the near future.

You should definitely go out of your way to make your friend feel special beyond just being a friend.If you’re unsure about how your friend feels about you then you should not try to rush anything otherwise you may destroy any chances that you have of dating your friend.