Dating for spiritual

12-Nov-2019 15:57

Given the choice of tossing our hearts in the direction of the unknown versus sticking with what we think we know about love and compatibility, we fall back too often on the safety of our assumptions and limit our ability to show up wholeheartedly to the love we seek.

Another thing about labels: by definition, a label is associated with language that classifies a person or thing in a limiting or restrictive way.

Even more important, it’s not your definition and label that matters nearly as much as your actions.

Sure, you checked the ‘spiritual’ box on your profile, but does your conversation, outlook and demeanor embody that orientation toward the world?

When it comes to love and romantic prospects, relying on labels helps us categorize the .

Labels alert us to whether we’re safe or doomed—and, they have a convenient way of stacking up for or against that new person we’ve considered clicking on.

For this reason, as a spiritual person, introducing the art of practicing presence in every moment makes us available to what’s happening as it happens.

That’s why it’s so important to move beyond the names we call ourselves and into the act of authentic relating. It’s important to be clear on this point before presenting yourself as such to a potential partner.When you give us personal information, we take steps to ensure that it’s treated securely.