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20-Nov-2019 01:25

Our tip is simply to make sure you know her well enough to want to be swapping spit with her. Girls put out very obvious signs that they want to be kissed. [Read: All the signs she’s ready for you to kiss her] #4 When you’re both alone.When she’s leaning in really close, if she’s giggling a lot, and even when she’s biting her lip. Kissing a girl in public for the first time is just not a good idea in general.

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If they try to kiss you, say, "I'm flattered, but I'm not ready for that yet." It's fine to wait until the second, third, or fourth date, or whenever you feel comfortable."People often kiss in public, but your date may be more comfortable with somewhere more private.

Until you know someone's comfort level with public displays of affection, you may want to kiss somewhere privately first.

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