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” “In a manner of speaking, yes.” “This is one of those non-date dates that only gets better only you tell it to others, right? I hear the madam’s voice saying: “Next time you come, number one! ” I’m wondering whether she’s going to be screening calls for the next two weeks until I get the picture, but I don’t dare call.” “I’m praying that’s the case” “I guess we should call it a night,” she says with a look that tells me she’s going to be seeking out any neurons in her brain that contain me and dumping them in the non-recyclable bin. She might answer, she might not, but if she does and asks me out on a date I’m terrified to go.Read More Posted in Sex And Love Denise, a thirty-year-old single female, wondered if she would ever be capable of having a healthy relationship. Read More Posted in Sex And Love Whether you are looking to intensify the passion in your marriage, to increase intimacy with your partner, or for casual sex, keep this list of dos and don’ts in the back of your...Since she got sober from drugs and alcohol about five years ago, sh... “Bungee dating” because one finds oneself jumping into a situation that is 100 feet deep with a bungee cord that extends to 101 feet.Thus it was with this sorry pilgrim, this old and true friend, who called my West Coast retreat from New York this morning, tattered and battered from his bungee date of the previous evening, telling his tale of testosterone-powered urban woe. Dinner’s over and we set off uptown and cross-town to the ‘New Look Spa’.We arrange to meet on 28th and 3rd Avenue in 15 minutes. Outside the street full of people and taxis, but not my non-date date. Instead, I hit the showers and the steam room and a few minutes later she slides in, gratified that the steam is so thick you can’t see your hand in front of your face. — is to run screaming into the New York night, but we’re in wet bathing suits and it is a bit nippy outside. Instead, I just sit on the couch in the reception room where my choice of reading material is a Korean magazine or the New York Magazine I read cover to cover at the dentist’s a year and a half ago.I’m at 28th and 3rd in 10 minutes and the first thing I notice is that I needed just a little more research. She’s a bit disappointed that you can’t take a steam in a robe, but at last we are getting some physical relaxation and de-stressing and that’s the point of this non-date date so we poach awhile in blissful oblivion. I elect for New York and am not surprised to find that nothing in the magazine improves on the second reading because it is a magazine utterly without subtext.

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She gets the slips out and it is then we discover that she has charge both sessions (0 a pop, so to speak) to my non-date date’s credit card. But the masseuse looks at it as if she suddenly needs a man-sized Kleenex and says, “Very small. Anyway, we find our way to the far end of 42nd street where we regroup over a couple of beers and start to feel better. Then of course I mention the ‘special technique’ offer and all the guys leaving with faint smiles on their faces.

So when she mentions how uptight her body is, I say, utterly innocently, “I know just how you feel. That’ll tune us up.” The next thing that should have gone through my mind was a dum-dum bullet wrapped in raw bacon, but sadly that did not happen. Starts to go through the Yellow Pages seeing what’s available on a Friday night in New York City in the way of massages. An obviously cool date even though we are not exactly at the dating point, but more at the ‘non-date date show up on a casual basis point,’ if you know what I mean. To go from that stage to mutual massage spa salon is a big step, but since it is a non- date date and we’re being just buddies it seems doable. So we scan the yellow pages and conference call a couple of joints offering massage services for ‘couples’ and pick one. Yes, on a true bungee date you must always be sure to place your date in at least one truly uncomfortable position. I feel something pop and a pain shoots through my ribs. Then she softens and starts nudging my shoulder saying things like: “You come back in. And finally I am clear enough to see that I have led my non-date date into a Blow-Job palace where she is at this very moment getting her back walked on by another midget-Sumo who also will use “special technique” if my non-date date as much as nods towards the clitoral peninsula.

We’re being formally informal since we’re not high-risk emotional kinds of people — or at least that’s the way we both want to seem. At the same time, it is getting late and our need for food is pressing. This I have accomplished without ever intending to do so. I writhe and she leaves and comes back with a pair of white cotton shorts which she demands I get into. I suppose this whole thing could be worse, but cannot really imagine how.

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