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Behind her was Alice with Bella's camera in her hands. Alice went over to Rosalie, and told her to go first.

Rosalie held out the gift, and before Bella got the chance to open it she expose the contents that were within. Alice picked it out." Bella nodded, obviously not wanting to be rude, "Thanks." she thanked the girl who still clearing didn't like her.

” "No, I punched a werewolf in the face." "I'll try not to break anything." Im not sure where all these are from but... When Charlie came to visit the Cullen house after Bella changed, after Jake showed him that he is a werewolf, when he first sees Renesmee, Emmett breaks the tension by booming "Woo! Let me dance with my little sister it might be the last time I make her blush. I expected a perceptible difference, but here you are, red-faced just like always." New Moon "You’re monopolizing the bride. This could be my last chance to make her blush." Breaking Dawn And from the New Moon movie: "So dating an older woman huh? No allusions, no innuendos—no nothing." His eyes narrowed. I win, and it's going to get a lot worse." He heard my breath stop and grinned evilly.

Has anyone ever seen the outtakes of Twilight, "Emmett and the Bear." that's another one of my favorite Emmett quotes. I bet that cottage doesn't have a scratch." Love the movie quotes!

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction "I'm sorry you did what? " Bailey Swan's never been one to have silly crushes on anyone.

As a woman of the mind, the idea of a significant other never peeked her interest.

Bailey could tell that Bella was trying her best not to be awkward around Rosalie, only to have it backfire because in her not trying, it just made it worse.

Alice grabbed another gift from the table and gave it to Bella, "This one's from Emmett." she told her.

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Clair Bayfield was younger than Florence Foster Jenkins in real life.

But here it's not treated as a scandalous anomaly, which is usually the case in May-December movie romances where the guy is the spring chicken.

(Which is annoying, since it's pretty much a given that Hollywood men will have much younger female love interests.) In fact, we wondered whether there were many movies at all where the female love interest was older—and we did find a few.

Bella opened the gift only to see that nothing was inside, she looked at Emmett confused. Finally a decent sound system for that piece of cra--" before he could finish, Bella cut him off.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Wand and Pietro move to Forks, they want a nice, quiet, peaceful last year of school. "It's perfect, Esme, I'm just afraid that if I eat any more with my nerves... The twenties, thirties, sixties, seventies..." he smirks following her.