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10-Apr-2020 19:30

The usual reaction to fear is hypervigilance." That hyper-vigilance, always monitoring my partner’s reactions, his emotional state, reading into the tone of his voice or its volume (is he yelling because he’s mad, or because we have a bad phone connection? Stines compares gaslighting — your partner telling you that you’re the crazy one, that they’re not doing anything — to being in a cult. And it can still rear its head if I haven’t connected with my significant other in a few days, even if it was just due to busy work schedules or one of us being sick.

Insecurities “You probably shouldn’t ever date or get married again,” my ex told me the day after I left him.

“Just so you know,” I texted, “I’m meeting a friend for dinner.” I hit send and waited for my new boyfriend’s response.

There would always be a reason that I couldn’t leave when I was supposed to meet up with friends.

If I got home late he’d behave in ways to punish me — from the cold shoulder to outright refusing to care for our son. It’s been three years since I left him, but the trauma lingers.

And I’ve found that dating after domestic abuse has its own problems. When a simple request for less spices on your meal leads to a rant about your boring palate and how much it sucks to go out to eat with you; when expressing your opinion about your company’s latest acquisition leads to cutting comments about your worthless degree and dead-end career; when even the most innocent comment can lead to a nasty rant, you live your life constantly on the defense. As Sharie Stines, Psyd, a therapist specializing in helping survivors of abusive relationships, explains, “Defensiveness is a protector emotionally.

It’s a way of keeping you from leaving them, and it can be quite effective combined with all their other emotionally abusive strategies.

The problem is that even after the relationship has ended, even after you’ve learned to recognize and name what they did as abuse, the insecurities linger.Emotional abuse takes a heavy toll on our hearts and minds, planting lies in our psyche that, left untended, can last long after the roller coaster is over.