Dating a married person

16-Oct-2020 06:03

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[Read: The guide to help you respect women] #3 Your lips need to be sealed.

She’s not going to be telling anyone about this which means you need to keep your mouth shut.

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I will choose to believe that you actually mean what you are saying.

I should start by telling you that I think this is a bad idea.

You may love her, she may tell you she’s going to leave her husband, but she’s not. At the same time, you may like dating married women because they’re already committed.

[Read: Understanding the good, bad, and ugly with social media and relationships] #5 Set the boundaries. If you’re going to have sex, it’s not going to be at her place. If you want to keep this relationship a secret then you need to make sure you choose a secure form of communication.

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You need to sit down right in the beginning of your relationship and set the ground rules. But if she’s paying for everything, you may want to equalize that. So, if you decide to go to a hotel, make sure that you switch them up. Age, they say, is just but a number, the two of you can make it as long you keep focus and be able to outgrow your friends' criticism.