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25-Mar-2020 15:12

That doesn’t help academics in poor nations who don’t have legal access to papers.

And even in the United Kingdom, publishers can legally place ‘reasonable’ restrictions on the process, such as channelling scientists through publisher-specific interfaces and limiting the speed of electronic searching or bulk downloading to protect servers from overload.

Users have to physically visit the facility, and only researchers who want to mine for non-commercial purposes are currently allowed in.

Malamud says his team does plan to allow remote access in the future. We are not throwing this open right away,” he says.

“We bring in professors and explain what we are doing.

They get all excited and they say, ‘Oh gosh, this is wonderful’,” says Malamud. Malamud, who contacted several intellectual-property (IP) lawyers before starting work on the depot, hopes to avoid a lawsuit.

In the past, he has found his access blocked by publishers who have spotted his software crawling over their sites.

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It’s comparable to the size of the core collection in the Web of Science database, for instance.

Since 2009, Häussler and his colleagues have been building the online UCSC Genome Browser, which links DNA sequences in the human genome to parts of research papers that mention the same sequences.