Cop arrests kid dating daughter Milf chat poland

17-Nov-2019 16:45

NEW CASTLE (KDKA) – An angry father is accused of shooting his teenage daughter’s boyfriend.

According to police, it all began when 41-year-old Michael D’Biagio drove to the 17-year-old Darren Jevcak’s job at Scusties Pizza in New Castle to confront him.

She was immediately suspended without pay following her arrest Friday by the FBI and the department’s internal affairs unit, an NYPD spokesperson confirmed to The Daily Beast.

Cincinelli’s boyfriend will not be charged and is cooperating with investigators, the spokesperson said. S District Court in the Eastern District of New York, Cincinelli “requested” that her boyfriend “hire a hit man to murder” the pair, to which he responded that he “knew someone who would do it for ,000.” On February 17, Cincincelli allegedly withdrew the cash and converted it into “gold coins.”On May 8, the complaint alleges, her boyfriend expressed concern over the two murders happening in the same weekend, so Cincinelli advised him to “have the hit man kill [the daughter] over the weekend and then wait a week or a month to kill [her ex-husband].” She allegedly added that they would be murdered in “separate locations” since the daughter “was in New Jersey during the week and in New York on the weekends.” “Cincinelli further stated that, if questioned about the murders, she would have nothing to worry about because she would be at home at the time of the murders,” the complaint alleges.

Sources tell CBS New York the minor is the 15-year-old daughter of her current boyfriend, who identified himself as the confidential informant to the New York Daily News on Sunday.

"My heart is destroyed," the boyfriend, John Di Rubba, 54, told the paper. I can't come to terms that a mother of two, a police officer ...

“The dad suspected they were using drugs, I believe, with a group of friends and then he stated he came up here to talk to him,” said New Castle Police Chief Robert Salem.

Then, police say D’Biagio had a gun and started using it the minute he saw the teenager.

But speaking to CBS New York, Cincinelli's father called the boyfriend a "wacko psycho.""There's no doubt that he manipulated multiple conversations to come up with his statements," Lou Cincinelli said.In another conversation, Cincinelli asked her boyfriend how the “hitman was going to carry out the murders” and discussed their respective alibis if they were “questioned by the police,” the complaint states.

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