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She is intubated but needs more [expensive] tests: bronchoscopy and MRI.Okafor recognizes Doe’s purse as a one-of-a-kind designer bag and finds a name embroidered in it—the woman is the estranged daughter of a wealthy family.Murphy finds Kalu surfing online to see whether he could pursue a romance with his patient.Kalu removes himself from her care and then asks her on a date.

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We have a right to get paid.” He says they have to call the police on the imposter.After pulling some strings using personal connections, the insurance company changes its mind and agrees to cover 85% of the cost. After the surgery, Murphy is unable to wake her up, fearing she was braindead. However, the anesthesiologist posits that the girl has a rare condition where she does not break down the anesthetic. She does and although the nerves won’t be fully function for 3 months, the careful application of electricity to her face activates the muscles. In a third storyline, Kalu’s patient from a previous episode returns and he finds her attractive.He thinks she is into him, but thinks that her feelings toward him, if she has them, might be transference because she was in a vulnerable place.The Good Doctor (Season 1; Episode 17): Cost of healthcare, stealing identities, dating patients; The Resident (Season 1; Episode 8): Patient Dumping; Chicago Med (Season 3; Episode 12): Pedophilia; Cherry-picking; ECMO; teenage pregnancy The Good Doctor (Season 1; Episode 17): Cost of healthcare, stealing identities, dating patients In the first storyline, a patient, “Lucy,” comes to the ER with a post-op infection: She never filled her antibiotic prescription.

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When the doctors went to see her, she had disappeared.Hunter and Bell tell Hawkins “We are not running a charity here.

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