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08-Oct-2020 20:26

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to frequencies of their co-occurrence in specific contexts Ordering of physical remains in a series so that adjacent items in the series are more similar to each other than items farther apart. Relies on principally measuring changes in proportional abundance, or frequency, of ceramic style.

Ordering of artifacts according to their frequencies so that the distribution conforms to a "battleship-shaped" curve.

Drawback: some minerals don't capture sufficient amounts of sunlight, therefore are dated as older... Based on principle that when volcanic obsidian is fractured, it starts absorbing water from its surroundings, forming a hydration layer that can be measured.

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Artifacts, features, or structures dated at a particular site have somehow to be related to the historical chronology, perhaps by association with inscription referring to ruler of time.

deposit and can be no alter (no more recent) than the deposit itself Allows to date a field site by dating an artifact because of association Nitrogen, fluorine, uranium, collagen content, gradually reduced by process of chemical decay. Very variable, depends on site's chemical content as well.

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