Childless women dating fathers

10-Nov-2019 10:14

When a childless woman marries at age 35 or older, the CDC reports that these women have at least two children, surpassing the birthrate for all American women; the mean number of births to women ages 15-44 is 1.3, but for women who have a child between ages 40 and 44, the mean number of births jumps to 2.1.

Simply put, many childless American women over 35 are simply waiting for love before motherhood.

Your analysis would be easier to accept if they were actually avoiding a negative judgment.

Being single and childless by choice means you are selfish or irresponsible. Having a child you don't want and ending up a bad mother like you no doubt are is a selfish form of keeping up with the Joneses.

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Childless and unmarried women in general aren't all that big on getting peppered with questions about their reproductive decisions.

But love, commitment and the right partnership come first. It's not an easy choice to make; we know the risk of waiting for love means we may become parents much later in life than expected, or, for some, never become parents at all.

In the meantime, we are childfull; we choose to fill our lives with the children we love like our nieces and nephews and friends' children.

Unfortunately, that data helps propel the myth that we are too career-oriented, too self-centered and too selfish for motherhood.

But what it doesn't say is that we are also more likely to be married at the time of our first birth, late in our fertile years as motherhood may come.For those in the Otherhood, those whose hearts break to be mothers, those who feel misunderstood and sidelined by those who assume their childlessness is due a lack of desire for children or a lack of maternal (and paternal) yearnings, there is a fallacy that must be overturned.