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Rudyard Kipling set “The Man Who Would Be King” here even though he never came here.

In 1893 the British and Afghan governments drew a common border that took 2 years known as the Durand Line which cut through Kafiristan.

Kalash religion is complex and polytheistic with a single creator called ‘Dezau’ or ‘Khodai’ and lesser gods and spirits with their own responsibilities.

The Warrior God named ‘Mahandeo’ is the guardian of crops, animals and other public matters and the female goddess ‘Jestak’ who cares for home, family and private matters.

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During menstruation or childbirth women are confined to the lodge called ‘Bashaleni’ or ‘Bashali’ – which is also shrine to goddess ‘Dezalik’ who looks after births.

It includes day dancing and family re-unions and runs for 4 – 6 days in mid-May.

‘Uchau’ is held only in Birir in late September to early October.

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The Kalash are found in 3 valleys Rumbur, Bumburet and Birir.

Linguists think Kalash are descendants of Indo-Aryans who overran the region in 2BC.