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24-Aug-2020 05:41

Many young people engage in sexual risk behaviors and experiences that can result in unintended health outcomes.

CDC data show that lesbian, gay, and bisexual high school students are at substantial risk for serious health outcomes as compared to their peers.

Asking a girl to be your girlfriend might have you hyperventilating. Instead of freaking out, learn how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend by finding the perfect spot, words and time.

You can also choose to go the cute route and really have her falling for you.

By doing this you will have much more fun and feel a connection with the girl you talk to.

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It may seem intimidating, but with a little practice, you should be able to talk to nearly any girl without breaking a sweat.

Keep in mind, with such a direct question, the girl may not be ready to give an answer right away and may need time to think it over.