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Because languages change so fast, historical linguists distrust language trees that go back more than a few thousand years. Forster, a geneticist, has developed a new method for relating a group of languages, basing it on the tree-drawing techniques used to trace the evolutionary relationships among genes. Toth have used the method to draw up a tree relating the various branches of Celtic to one another and to other Indo-European languages like English, French, Spanish, Latin and Greek.His method works on just a handful of words, a fortunate circumstance since only some 30 Gaulish words have known counterparts in all the other languages under study. In an article in today's issue of The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they say that soon after the ancestral Indo-European language arrived in Europe it split into different branches leading to Celtic, Latin, Greek and English.

In the British Isles, Celtic speakers survived in two main groups: the Goidelic branch of Celtic, which includes Irish and Scots Gaelic, and the Brythonic branch, formed of Welsh and Breton, a Celtic tongue carried to Brittany in France by emigrants from Cornwall.

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Travel to the Orkney Islands and in Kirkwall, take in the sight of the St.

Magnus Cathedral and the nearby seventeenth-century Earl’s Palace.

Travel to Invergordon and explore the Scottish Highlands, where dramatic scenery has deep history and clan castles are profiled against the rolling hills and mossy glens.