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10am-10pm 301-309 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon 2384 0084 maps and photographs, old books and posters – this place is a treasure trove and also has a separate exhibition space.Mon-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun midday-5pm Shop 212, Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Road, Central 2525 2803 50 years of selling handicrafts, silk dresses, porcelain and an impressive array of other Chinese arts and crafts, there’s a lot of good quality pieces here, particularly if you’re looking for jade.One of the sweetest, most mild-mannered people you could ever hope to meet, Lila became absolutely ferocious in restaurants if she thought the food or the service wasn’t up to scratch, and more than once she got into blazing rows with waiters and then the next moment would return to chatting with me in her gentle, melodic voice as though nothing had happened.This was hugely entertaining, but more importantly it was through our many dining experiences that I came to understand the central part that food plays in Chinese culture.Our online editor Mark Angus shares with us his experiences of living in Shanghai and how having a Chinese girlfriend enriched his life and enhanced his understanding of Chinese culture When I first moved to Shanghai in 2007, It was never my intention to find myself a partner.I wasn’t implacably opposed to the idea; it was just that I couldn’t foresee the circumstances in which it might happen. Not long after I arrived, a British colleague’s Chinese wife told me that she had a friend who would be ideal for me and that I had to go out with her.To cut a long story short, I went up to Beijing, Lila came down to Shanghai a couple of weeks later, and before long we had become a couple.Lila worked for a US conglomerate in Beijing and I had just started my new job in Shanghai, so moving was not really an option for either of us.

For many expats moving to Shanghai or Beijing, dating can be a vexed question.

American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste.

The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t feel well I believe hes had this behavior all his life and yells at his wife as well.

This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women. I’m a care-provider and wondering why this older Romanian man treats his care-givers like servants and yells if something is a bit off especially when serving meals.

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Massive center with seven floors of furniture, silk, porcelain, ceramics, antiques and everything else Chinese – a favorite tourist destination and a great place for gifts to bring home.

Anyone who has ever been badgered into doing something by a Shanghainese woman will appreciate the barrage I was under, and so unsurprisingly I acquiesced.

I mean, at times like these, could someone just lend me their fucking womb please?!… continue reading »

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