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I actually thought his hottest scene on Oz was when he grabbed Lee Tergesen's crotch and offered him sexual favors in exchange for legal advice. He's so hot it's odd that he doesn't have some past relationships with woman over the last 30 years.But I'm the odd one who thought they made a hotter couple than Blooom and Meloni."Everyone knows about Ms Bloom. If there was they would have definitely been reported on in the press or addressed in interviews. Yeah R98, there's a certain pathology where someone will turn up on a thread like this, put out something that (a) sounds like it could be true and (b) is exactly what fans want to hear.They were very quiet about their relationship but would always pose on the red carpet together. In October of that same year, the couple announced their divorce.Despite being divorced the couple remain friendly and on good terms for their son.“You know when you put all your chips into something, then it disappears? After their gig, they were spotted making out and dancing at a New York City club. It’s rumored that they hooked up, but nothing more.The [split] sent me into such pain, I think I had actual vertigo. Bloom started dating model Miranda Kerr in fall of 2007. In early 2013 there were rumors circulating that the couple was on the outs.Caption: Brian Bloom and his girlfriend, Marni Anhalt.

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Bloom dating rising model and actress Sienna Miller briefly in 2001.

They only have nice things to say about one another.

Bloom and singer Katy Perry were first linked together in 2016.

They attended a few Golden Globes after parties together making fans believe they were an item.

By May of that same year, it was confirmed that they were seeing each other.

Caption: Brian Bloom and Allison Smith dated in 1984.