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03-Oct-2020 04:16

Personally the majority of my payments are done electronically for safety and convenience purposes – your theory would therefore suggest this is not providing liquidity to the businesses I deal with (where I believe cashflow is king for many accountants).

These payments hit the vendors bank accounts (once they press a few simple buttons) within the working day providing liquidity for the vendors in the form of bank deposits – which are then likely to be transferred to suppliers electronically – providing liquidity to all.

I do not want to labour this point and I would be the first to say that my opinion is not in full agreement with the mainstream of economics.

It does, however, come out of a long history of working in bank treasury functions in several parts of the world.

Additionally, if they did this their liquidity ratios (one of the key measures of any bank’s soundness) would steadily deteriorate, restricting their ability to make further loans.

Their capital ratios would also steadily deteriorate, reducing their ability to raise funds. To me, then, the question of whether you measure the total money supply to include or exclude deposits in the banking system is really irrelevant.

That situation is only likely to occur when the bank itself cannot deliver on the demand for cash – i.e.That may well be a standard (and useful) measure for economic policy questions.However, to me, the total amount of funds in an economy does not include bank deposits (whether chequing or otherwise) but does include total liquid funds (cash, government bonds etc.) held by the banks – a much smaller figure.there are more demands for withdrawals than the individual bank has access to cash to meet those demands.

Really, then, the total pool of liquidity represented by any bank is not the total amount on deposit with the bank, but the (much smaller) amount they have in ready cash or other sources of funds to meet calls for withdrawals.The point here is that a particular bank cannot be sure where any disbursed loan funds may end up and can only count on a small proportion returning.

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Personally the majority of my payments are done electronically for safety and convenience purposes – your theory would therefore suggest this is not providing liquidity to the businesses I deal with (where I believe cashflow is king for many accountants).… continue reading »

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