Autism dating australia

11-Apr-2020 20:04

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Your cognitive, social and behavioral patterns seem to be fine.

It is highly unlikely that you have any form of Autism.

Looking to reach other aspies, auties or people looking for and seeking to give you support?

Find out what chats are scheduled to take place and what they’re about or schedule and host your own chat!

Every now and then, this Autism test for adults may contain a set of questions that are primarily experimental in nature.

Though these questions will not be scored during the Autism quotient assessment, as a test taker, you will not be able to distinguish between these experimental questions and the real ones.

Please note that this is not a definitive diagnosis of Autism and we strongly recommend you seek independent professional opinion..If you wish to host your own chat on (or about some aspect of autism), just click on the “Schedule a Chat” button and fill in the details.An email will be sent to you to confirm your request and thereafter will be put in the schedule.You should get a printout and take to your local practitioner for a formal assessment referral.

If you have received a, then chances are pretty high that you have Fairly prominent Autism symptoms.

Established in 1967, we’re the largest specialist lifespan organisation in Australia providing services to people with Autism.