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Just like Steve, Matt is a sex-obsessed obnoxious jerk who rubs almost everyone the wrong way.At least he doesnt lack for self-confidence, and one of his pranks gets him in trouble with school counselor Chuck Sherman (Chris Owen).The Pie franchise made Stifler less effective in its sequels because it relied too much on him.Stifler works in small doses and cant carry a film on his own.However, Matt changes stripes mid-movie and indeed attempts to become a real boy.He doesnt totally lose his obnoxiousness, but the film tries to have him grow and learn. The shift occurs so rapidly that it never appears believable, and the whole thing comes across as insipid and insincere.Actually, that was a great season for out of nowhere successes, as it also featured surprises like The Sixth Sense and The Blair Witch Project. 2001s American Pie 2 actually out-grossed the original.While Pie made 1 million, its sequel took in 5 million.

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Although the suits at Universal decided not to pursue more theatrical Pie flicks, Wedding didnt mark the end of the franchise.After a rough start, Matt takes the advice of the conflict resolution counselor, Jims dad (Eugene Levy) and starts to make friends.This leads inevitably to romance with Elyse and various complications as we lurch toward the requisite happy ending.Matt decides to make the most of this when he remembers tales of wild band geek sex.

He plans to videotape these shenanigans and make money off videos.

We get a new chapter with the 2005 straight-to-video film American Pie Presents Band Camp.