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Unfortunately, no data from Czechia, Italy, Slovakia or Slovenia have been published.Map (Mercator projection) showing locations (white diamonds) of archaeomagnetic sites in Europe taken from the archaeomagnetic database and further references (see Schnepp & Lanos 2005).The archaeological sites in this area provide 184 archaeodirections (taken from Hedley & Wagner 1981; Hedley 1983; Bucur 1994; Moutmir 1995; Kovacheva 1997; Márton 2003; Kovacheva 2004; Schnepp 2004; Schnepp & Lanos 2005) which are obtained from sites in the neighbouring countries of Austria: Bosnia, France, Germany, Hungary, and Switzerland.Only one direction from a site in Austria could be found.However, the regional variation of SV means that local curves must be calculated.While certain countries France, the UK, or Bulgaria (Gallet 2002; Batt 1997; Kovacheva 1997) have well-established records from each country, the global coverage is poor.This corresponds well to the fact that much more archaeological sites are known for the Roman epoch as well as for Mediaeval times.

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The data taken finally for the SV reference curve are marked by black crosses.2 as diagrams of declination and inclination versus time, respectively.The archaeomagnetic directions show a considerable dispersion but also a clear variation with time.Accordingly, these reference curves are often transferred to other regions.

The new approach proposed here is to obtain a local curve with the data sets from neighbouring regions.

The obtained reference curve represents the past 2300 yr.