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23-Sep-2020 11:26

While every company’s HR policies may vary, for the most part workplace romances are often permissible, as long as they’ve been properly disclosed and don’t take place between a direct supervisor and subordinate.

Oh, and most importantly: As long as both parties are on board.

Of course, if you’re a character on a show produced by Shonda Rhimes, the likelihood that you’ll meet your partner through your job shoots up to like 110 percent — Rhimes’s shows have always blended sex and work, beginning back in 2005 with “Grey’s Anatomy.” Right away, the very first episode of the epic-running ABC medical drama introduces the off-again, on-again relationship between fledgling surgical resident Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), which begins as a one-night stand before Meredith finds out that he’s an attending physician at her hospital… Scully’s reply is wry, seemingly unoffended: “Anti-gravity is right.” But it’s only one instance of potential line-crossing that was played lightly at the time, and in fact pointed to as a sign that Mulder and Scully were far more than professional colleagues, comfortable with bantering together about sex and other personal matters.

at which point she tells him it’s inappropriate for them to date. That all happened with the actual nature of their relationship going seemingly undefined, though certainly by the end of the first season, they clearly have a personal connection, evidenced by them continuing to find ways to connect despite being separated as partners — not to mention the fact that when Scully gets abducted in Season 2, Mulder’s reaction cannot be described as that of losing a work colleague.

Whether a show like “Grey’s” chooses to engage with this as a storyline, or a show like “The X-Files” very slowly but surely lets its central couple fall into bed together, the point remains that sexual harassment has nothing to do with romance, and those who equate the two have a poor understanding of one, the other, or both.

Love is never easy, especially when you’re balancing it with life on the job.

But it’s taken on a whole new flavor here in the year 2018, as the #Me Too movement has many of us examining not just our interactions with others, but some of our favorite love stories, which might now read as overly problematic compared to the era in which they began. I mean, in the other shows, that’s literally what the stories are all about.

Mulder and Scully may be top of mind right now due to the current revival series, but they’re just one couple in a grand pantheon of television love stories born at the workplace. I don’t know how you are going to lay those things out in your show, but I think there’s a different storytelling.” Rhimes didn’t give a blanket endorsement to workplace romances.

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Who simply don’t care about how their actions might affect others.That said, not only was the workplace a common meeting location for couples like “Parks and Recreation’s” Ben and Leslie and “Grace and Frankie’s” Sol and Robert, there were a ton of iconic relationships which didn’t make the list, from Jim and Pam on “The Office” to Stan and Peggy on “Mad Men” to the granddaddy of them all, Maddie and David on “Moonlighting.” Recent studies on how real-life couples meet these days have found that online dating isn’t the number one way — instead, it’s through friends, as many studies revealed. For example, one of the show’s favorite running jokes during the early seasons was that Mulder was a bit obsessed with pornography, which led to a scene in the Season 1 episode “The Jersey Devil” where Mulder flashes a porn magazine centerfold at Scully.

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