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16-Sep-2020 03:19

Till this day, she’s still wondering what happened.” Radebe is aware of the psychological effects of ghosting, and, in retrospect, regrets ghostinghis girlfriend of seven years. But we are not dating anymore.”Although Tlou never heard back from her man, she hasn’t let the incident hold her back.

He now cautions against the practice of random ghosting.“I’m lucky because my ex girlfriend took it gracefully,” he says. She admits, however, that she’ll be more cautious with future relationships.“Until today he has not responded to anything,” she says.

Kushayisana ngomoya could mean anything from the silent treatment after an argument, to an unexplained breakup: either way, the practice has been around since long before the term became viral.

According to the Elite Daily website, as many as 78% of millennials have been ghosted at least once in their lives, and it appears that the practice thrives in the context of the digital world of snaps and chats.

“Of course, it’s a bit difficult in cases where the kids are older. Honest communication is important.” What with the advent of online dating, ghosting is bound to proliferate, Khosa says.“On Valentine’s Day this year I had threatened to go out with this nameless girl. “I didn’t know the whole story: I didn’t care,” he says.On the day, I had called her a few times to finalise details of our date. “I just jumped into conclusions and I decided to ghost her.She messaged: “Let me fix dinner later tonight, so that when the week gets busy at least we know we are not missing out on each other.” That evening, she cooked a special supper for the two of them.

Normally, if her boyfriend were coming round, he’d arrive at about 7.30pm, but by 8.30pm, there was no sign of him. Then, later on, probably after 9pm, I phoned him, but he didn’t pick up the call.“It’s one of those things that just happen unconsciously.

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