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24-Jul-2020 19:57

In a recent retrospective study of 160 m TBI patients, Ciuffreda et al.found that approximately 4 percent were clinically diagnosed with accommodative excess [11], with 41 percent having some type of clinically documented accommodative dysfunction.

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Many of the earlier studies employed accommodative amplitude as the primary or sole index of accommodative dysfunction.Additionally, the patient manifested a markedly reduced accommodative convergence-to-accommodation (AC/A) ratio (1.33:1) that returned to normal (3:1) without treatment 18 months after the injury [17].Although accommodative insufficiency has been the most common accommodative abnormality studied in TBI [11], several authors have reported overaccommodation, also termed accommodative excess, pseudomyopia, or even frank "accommodative spasm" [6].These findings suggest that a range of accommodative tests should be included in the comprehensive vision examination of individuals with m TBI.

Key words: accommodation, accommodative dysfunction, brain injury, head injury, rehabilitation, TBI, traumatic brain injury, vision, vision rehabilitation, visual dysfunction.

Several case studies have also reported the rare but significant development of persistent accommodative spasm in individuals with TBI [18-20].