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24-Oct-2020 03:52

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During CLEAR, the crystalline lens is extracted and an IOL replaces it in a process that is very similar to cataract surgery: both involve lens replacement, local anesthesia, last approximately 30 minutes, and require making a small incision in the eye for lens insertion.

People recover from CLEAR surgery 1–7 days after the operation.

During this time, they should avoid strenuous exercise or anything else that significantly raises blood pressure.

They should visit their ophthalmologists regularly for several months to monitor the IOL implants.

First, they are an alternative to LASIK, a form of eye surgery that does not work for people with serious vision problems.

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Toric IOLs must be powered and aligned inside the eye on a meridian that corrects the patient's preexisting astigmatism.Manifest refraction is the familiar test where the eye doctor rotates lenses in front of the eye, asking the patient, "Which is better (or clearer), this one or this one?

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