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28-Oct-2020 12:47

You can work with your Chase Orbital relationship/account manager, or contact the Chase Orbital support team to request the accounts be linked.

This information is passed in the transaction request submitted to Chase Orbital.

Zuora does not support the Orbital Gateway (Tampa Platform) so please make sure your gateway account is configured using the right host platform.

If you are not sure which hosting platform your Orbital Gateway is using, the Orbital Gateway (Tampa Platform) uses BIN 000002) and has a 12 digit PNS Merchant ID number.

In order for Zuora to submit payment transactions to Chase Orbital gateway on your company's behalf, your Chase Obital Merchant ID(s), also known as the Presenter ID, will need to be linked to Zuora's Submitter ID (SID).

If you are planning to configure more than one merchant ID number in Zuora, make sure all merchant IDs are linked to Zuora's SID.

If you have not yet signed up for a gateway account, get in touch with your account representative or our sales team through